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Bacterial detection is vital to sustain healthy living.

Preventing bacterial contamination is key. We produce bacterial detection solutions, reliable, affordable, easy and fast.

Detact Diagnostics® is a privately held, life-science company backed by Pacific6 (USA)

Detact Diagnostics® based in The Netherlands and founded in 2014, developed a novelle and disruptive bacterial detection platform/technique that is truly innovative, highly sensitive, specific and fast (seconds - minutes) that lends itself to application development in healthcare and food.





Our Team

The Management and R&D teams are very experienced in medicine, surgery, clinical chemistry, microbiology, chemical engineering, patent law, and all commercial aspects of bringing diagnostic tests to market. Our American partners Pacific6 also bring a wealth of knowledge from the American healthcare sector.


“We embarked on this partnership to accelerate the development of affordable, reliable testing technologies that will dramatically change the rapid-test landscape. Detact Diagnostics® is poised to meet the urgent needs of the current global pandemic, and Pacific6 is proud to support their vitally important work.” - John Molina, Pacific6 Founding Partner.

EU and regional support for innovation

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) has allocated funds to the region of the Northern Netherlands, consisting of the provinces of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. These funds, in combination with additional public and private co-financing, will strengthen the region’s potential for research and innovation. 


SNN supports the development of our innovative technology with project subsidies for the development of the Milk-protease test and a quick E.Coli test.


Detact receive European Regional Development Fund grant upon joining the Open Diagnostics Ecosystem

Detact Diagnostics is a developer of diagnostic tests for the healthcare and food sector. In recent years, Detact Diagnostics has developed a platform technology to detect the presence of proteases (which are specific for bacteria and viruses).

In this project, Detact wants to develop technology to help doctors/healthcare providers make a diagnosis. Diagnostic tests are being designed to detect bacteria (such as "Gram-negative" bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa and "Gram-positive" bacteria Staphylococcus aureus) in both synovial fluid and peritoneal fluid. In addition, Detact will develop a handheld spectrometer to do point-of-care detection, which will be smartphone compatible with the ability to add to an electronic patient file.

The diagnostic test is based on a so-called peptide (a short chain of specific amino acids) with a light-emitting molecule at one end and a light-absorbing molecule (quencher) the other. In the absence of the target, the chain remains intact, and no light is released. However, in the presence of the target, the peptide is "cut". The distance between the light-emitting and light-absorbing molecule then increases so that light is released freely. We collect this light and measure it; the amount of light released gives the result. Depending on the protease present (specific for certain bacteria or viruses), we can adapt the chain. It is possible to use the test as a convenient, point-of-care test used at any desired location with a detector.

SNN Subsidie project publications (in Dutch)

- Protease-in-melk test

- Snelle "poep-bacterie" test