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  • Bacterial produced proteases can spoil milk, including pasteurized milk and even ultra-pasteurization (UHT), making it unfit for consumption. A test to decide if milk can be processed as long shelf life was unavailable, until now. This test could contribute towards major business decisions for milk processing companies in a global dairy market worth over $300 Billion.

  • Periprosthetic Joint Infections, or PJI’s, are the most devastating and costly complications following total or partial joint replacements

  • Peritoneal dialysis (PD) and haemodialysis (HD) are life-saving renal replacement therapies for patients with chronic kidney disease.

  • Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) are an increasing threat to hospital patients, and put a huge financial strain on the Healthcare system. There is a need for early and fast microbial detection on the spot.

  • The use of Near-Infrared Light (NIR-light) emitting molecules in commercial and research applications has increased tremendously in the last decade ..... and until now, there was no affordable easy to use handheld NIR-light fluorometer available.