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E.Coli is a major concern for food processors and food consumers

E.Coli grows well outside the animal body, thriving, for example, in unclean food handling equipment. Microbial testing can take days to yield results. There is currently no good way to evaluate the level of cleanliness in the food and beverage industry.

Bacterial tests need to be performed off-site, simply because you don’t want to incubate bacteria in the facility itself.


Identifying bacterial presence with a quick-test ensures that immediate action can be taken in a more rapid and targeted manner.


The faster problem areas are identified, the cleaner and safer a production environment can become.


On-site detection of bacterial presence like E.Coli in the food processing industry, would reduce the likelihood of an outbreak.

The bacteria E.Coli is responsible for 37,000 deaths annually.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reveals the growing problem of food-borne illness around the world.

In excess of 351,000 people die of food poisoning every year.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is changing the focus of food safety from a reactionary stance to one that is preventive.

Key components of preventive controls are monitoring and cleaning the environment in which food is produced and processed. A robust environmental monitoring program (EMP) typically features three primary components:

1: sanitation monitoring system (f.e. ATP) —> general cleaning efficacy
2: an allergen monitoring program —> when allergens are present in the facility
3: a pathogen monitoring program —> to guard against microbial contamination

Several studies have shown the ATP tests to be low in sensitivity, have a poor repeatability, an inability to distinguish dead from live bacteria, and to be unreliable when disinfectants and other substances are likely to be present.

The Detact Diagnostics™ platform is not an evolution from the current standard, but a revolution.

Where current bacterial tests need to grow bacteria to detect them (usually in an environment where you don’t want them in the first place), the Detact Diagnostics™ platform eliminates this enrichment step entirely, saving 6-8 hours. Our platform can be customized: it can be made as specific as required (able to detect a single strain of E.Coli, to an entire group like gram negatives or positives).

Since E.Coli is a major concern in the food processing industry we developed BactoTact©E.Coli.

Background Information

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Final Rule on Preventive Controls for Human Food