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One of the biggest threats for patients in hospitals is getting a Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI).

Due to the over-use of antibiotics, bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and the first cases of so-called​ ‘untreatable superbugs’ have been reported by Centre of Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) and Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR) are two of the greatest challenges of our time. In developed countries, HAIs are the 3rd largest cause of death, after cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


Early detection and new high tech methods for microbiological monitoring will guarantee a reduction in the number of HAIs. All to the benefit of patients, health institutions and insurers.


There is a need to detect pathogens on the spot and help provide insights into information related to sanitation and cleaning to improve Infection prevention and patient safety.

Each day about 80,000 patients are infected by a HAI

International surveys and studies consistently confirm that most near-patient surfaces are not being cleaned in accordance with existing hospital policies, Carling and Bartley conclude in a 2010 evaluation of cleaning standards in US healthcare environments -‘Only 34% of near-patient surfaces are actually clean’. 

Their critical analysis is supported by a 2013 survey from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control among 30 countries. The Centre claims an estimated 3.2 million HAI infected patients a year.

Monitoring hygiene protocols is essential in the fight agains HAI.

We continuously seek to design, produce and implement bacterial detection solutions with the aim to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections. 

At least 20% of HAIs are estimated to be preventable

Hygiene management in near-patient environments or in operating rooms is a real win. Especially with the realization that a patient with an HAI is hospitalized about three times longer than those without (18 vs 5 days). It will protect patients against HAIs, speed up the cleaning process and allow hospital staff to intervene proactively rather than to react.

The Detact Diagnostics® concept detects actual bacterial activity.

Several studies have shown the ATP tests to be low in sensitivity, have poor repeatability, an inability to distinguish dead from live bacteria and to be unreliable when disinfectants and other substances are likely to be present.

Our concept is fast because it doesn’t rely on an enrichment process. It detects contaminations below clinically-relevant levels and can be made as specific as required to an entire group like gram negatives or positives.

Detact Diagnostics® developed a novel and disruptive bacterial detection platform/technique that is truly innovative, highly sensitive, specific and fast.


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