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Infra Red minimizes the effects of contaminants in the sample.

An affordable easy to use handheld Fluorometer for Near Infrared Light (NIR-light) didn't exist, until now.

The use of Infra Red minimizes the effects of contaminants in the sample and gives a high level of accuracy even with very diluted samples.


We have co-developed the DeNIRO©NIR Fluorometer, which has an excitation light source (LED) while reading fluorescence in Near Infra-Red emission channel only.

It accurately measures in this range and outperforms all bench-top fluorometers in its functionality.

Technology and Scientific Rationale

The patented Detact Diagnostics™ platform technology is based on the immediate release of a quenched Near Infra Red (NIR) molecule from its peptide bond after contact with a specific bacteria/enzyme, which emits NIR-light (NIRL), measured in Relative Fluorescent Units (RFU’s).

The peptide bond can be made to be sensitive to a very specific bacteria (for instance E.Coli or S.Aureus), or to a general strain as a whole (gram positive and/or gram negative bacteria).

Single-sample measurements are easy

This user-friendly fluorometer delivers results using quick, simple assay procedures. The large, color touch screen allows you to easily navigate through the various options.

Calculations and settings are automatically performed by the instrument.


The easy-to-use touch screen menu makes it easy to select and run the assays you need, with results displayed in just a few seconds.


Reliable, affordable, easy and fast

The Detact Diagnostics™ Near Infra Red Fluorometer (DeNIRO© NIR Fluorometer) is the first handheld NIR Fluorometer and is optimized for measuring bacterial and/or enzymatic activity using Detact Diagnostics BactoTact© and EnzoTact© assays.