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Diagnosing Periprosthetic Joint Infections (PJI) is challenging surgeons.

With numbers of PJI's set to increase, a solution is needed.

Periprosthetic Joint Infection.

PJI's are the most devastating and costly complications following total or partial joint replacements. Diagnosing an acute or chronic PJI is challenging for surgeons, as there is currently no “gold standard” diagnostic that provides direct, fast and actionable data. Have a look at the short PJI video.

The global joint replacement market is expected to grow to $32 Billion in 2024.

With an ageing baby-boomer generation and the obesity epidemic, the number of hip and knee replacement procedures has sky-rocketed. The global joint replacement market is expected to grow to $32 Billion in 2024.

When a postoperative infection occurs in this vulnerable older patient population, morbidity, mortality and healthcare costs increase significantly, as does the liability for surgeons and hospitals 

The estimated in-hospital cost to treat PJI’s is $1.62 billion a year, in the United States alone. Unfortunately, with increasing global antibiotic resistance, these infections are harder to treat, despite the best effort to prevent them.

Providing the correct treatment is key

The challenge is to treat patients with an actual infection appropriately and at the same time, not over-treat patients who only have an inflammation (i.e. non-bacterial) with antibiotics.


An inflammation over-treated with antibiotics feeds the global antibiotic resistance issue, which is a focal point of the WHO. Keeping patients with a normal inflammation unnecessarily hospitalized has significant financial implications on the payer, hospital and patient.


An innovative diagnostic is needed to detect infections as early as possible. Preferably before the biofilm forms so that that treatment can start immediately, potentially even preventing revision surgery.

Detact Diagnostics® are developing SynoTact©

Detact Diagnostics® are developing SynoTact©, a test that can be done in a doctor's office or laboratory and provides actionable data available in seconds or minutes. It does not require incubation, is very affordable, fast, and sensitive. In the current landscape of bacterial detection, our diagnostics platform is unrivalled.