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Detection of unwanted proteases in milk

Bacterial produced proteases can spoil milk, including pasteurized milk and even ultra-pasteurization (UHT), making it unfit for consumption. Tests to decide if milk can be processed as long shelf life was unavailable, until now. These tests could contribute towards major business decisions for milk processing companies in a global dairy market worth over $300 Billion.

Raw milk may contain unwanted bacteria that produce so-called proteases. These proteases can cause sweet curdling of milk that will potentially cause a bad taste, this can take up to 3 months to develop, making the milk unfit for long-shelf-life consumption.


Unfortunately, regular pasteurizing or even ultra-pasteurization (UHT treatment: where temperatures reach twice that of regular pasteurization) of the infected milk does not eliminate these proteases.


Therefore, it is essential to determine whether the milk contains these bacteria produced proteases, so companies can choose whether a batch of milk will be sold as fresh or get a longer shelf-life.

A major business decision for milk processing companies….

is whether milk should be sold as fresh, to be consumed immediately, or if its able to undergo ultra-pasteurization (UHT), a process that extends shelf-life for up to six months.

Global demand for longer shelf-life milk is growing rapidly.

The global milk market has been observing a major consumer shift from normal milk to UHT milk in the last few years. Over the period 2013-2029, the global UHT milk market is expected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 12.8%.

UHT milk does not need to be refrigerated. In most countries, refrigerated transport and storage is expensive and the advantage of not having to refrigerate, in stores as well as by consumers at home, is huge. Large milk companies are investing in this rapidly growing market through corporate take-overs and market expansion in these UHT-countries.

Detact Diagnostics® introduces EnzoTact© PRO & EnzoTact© RAW

The first innovative patented tests for fast and sensitive detection of proteases in milk. These simple to use tests can be administered on-site by anyone and during any stage of processing. Within 45-60 minutes, EnzoTact© PRO & EnzoTact© RAW give actionable results, helping processing facilities quickly determine whether a batch of raw milk can safely become UHT-milk and whether the UHT milk should be sold as a long or short shelf-life product.