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Coming Soon: BactoTact©OR

All surgeons and doctors struggle with differentiating between inflammation (normal) and infection (not normal). Because being able to correctly make this distinction is crucial, Detact Diagnostics are currently developing the BactoTact©OR.

This technology is the only method to date that can detect the presence of bacteria on or near implants inside the human body.

Our bacterial detection product can be easily used in a healthcare setting by surgeons who (intentionally) leave behind foreign bodies like orthopedic plates or surgical meshes.


The BactoTact©OR is a bio-degradable sponge that can be left behind at the surgical site before wound closure. It can show real-time bacterial presence if an infection occurs by emitting tissue penetrating light at Near Infra Red (NIR) levels. This technology is the only method to date that can detect the presence of bacteria on or near implants inside the human body, at tissue depths of at least 30 mm.


The BactoTact©OR is simple and quick to use

After the surgeon has reduced and stabilized the fracture with an orthopedic plate, the surgeon then places theBactoTact©OR sponge near this plate before closing the wound. The day after the operation, when the patient goes for his/her standard x-ray to show whether the plate has been placed properly, a NIR reading (a 10-second non-invasive procedure) is performed at the same time. This will be the baseline reading of the intact sponge. 


When the patient returns after 5 days for the routine follow-up x-ray, or earlier in case of complaints, a second NIR reading is performed. A higher NIR signal indicates bacterial presence and treatment can immediately start. These NIR readings are painless, take seconds, do not require skilled technicians to conduct, and are cheaper than conventional radiology.

The BactoTact©OR provides fast real-time visible feedback

The BactoTact©OR provides fast real-time visible feedback on the presence of a bacterial infection, making time-consuming and expensive laboratory and radiology tests unnecessary. 

As a result, the healthcare provider can treat patients with an actual infection appropriately, and at the same not over-treat patients who only have an inflammation (i.e. non-bacterial) with antibiotics.

Use of this system has the potential to reduce morbidity and mortality to the patient, reduce antibiotic resistance, relieve the financial burden on the healthcare system and decrease liability to the provider and hospital.


As a healthcare provider, you can give the right patient the right treatment. 

Some Science...

Real-time in vivo imaging of invasive and biomaterial-associated bacterial infections using fluorescently labelled vancomycin - Nature Communications