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EnzoTact® PRO & EnzoTact® RAW

Our tests can be used on-site for fast, actionable monitoring during any processing stage.

The Problem

Detecting unwanted proteases in milk


Raw milk may contain unwanted bacteria that produce so-called proteases. These proteases can cause sweet curdling of milk that may cause a bad taste; this can take up to 3 months to develop, making the milk unfit for long-shelf-life consumption.


Unfortunately, the infected milk's regular pasteurisation or even ultra-pasteurization (UHT treatment, where temperatures reach twice that of regular pasteurization) does not eliminate these proteases.


Therefore, it is essential to determine whether the milk contains these bacteria-produced proteases so companies can choose whether a batch of milk will be sold as fresh or get a longer shelf-life—no quick test to decide if milk could be processed as long shelf life was available.


Our Solution

Introducing EnzoTact® PRO & EnzoTact® RAW 


The first innovative patented tests for fast and sensitive detection of proteases in milk. These simple-to-use tests can be administered on-site using DeNIRO® Fluorometer by anyone and during any processing stage.


Within 45-60 minutes, EnzoTact® PRO & EnzoTact® RAW give actionable results, helping processing facilities quickly determine whether a batch of raw milk can safely become UHT milk and whether the UHT milk should be sold as a long or short-shelf-life product.

EnzoTact® helping to improve milk safety and sustainability targets within the dairy industry.

EnzoTact® PRO & EnzoTact® RAW will contribute to the shift of the market from consumption of loose to packaged dairy, increasing the volume of packaged dairy products. Less than 10 per cent of the marketable milk consumed in countries like India and Pakistan is consumed, processed and packaged. 

This shift is expected to accelerate in the near future due to the growth of the middle-income class, the need for more milk of higher quality, and increasing urbanization. Both EnzoTact® products will improve sustainability within the dairy industry.

NIZO/Detact Diagnostics Whitepaper

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At-line milk protease testing supports production decision-making and waste reduction.

Detact Diagnostics® Poster for NIZO Dairy Conference 2021



By Maelys Chastel, Matthew Burton & Joost Gazendam


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