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The Netherlands


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VIPER® Technology enables us to produce scalable, reliable, affordable, easy-to-use and fast detection solutions.

Preventing bacterial, viral & fungal contamination is key to sustaining healthy living

Founded in 2014

We are a privately held life science company based in The Netherlands, which has developed a novelle and disruptive bacterial, viral and fungal detection platform technology named VIPER®.


VIPER® is genuinely innovative, highly sensitive, specific and fast (seconds - minutes) that lends itself to application development in healthcare and food.





The Team

The Detact Management team (below) is very experienced in medicine, surgery, clinical chemistry, microbiology, chemical engineering, patent law and all commercial aspects of bringing diagnostic tests to market.


Detact Diagnostics Core Innovation Team, led by CTO Matthew Burton, includes Simone Savino, PhD and Marleen Kalk.


Our extended team includes experts from various fields, such as clinical microbiologists, medical advisors, QA advisors and scientific advisors, to name a few. 

Joost Gazendam 

was trained as a European Certified Trauma Surgeon, received his PhD in collaboration with PENN University, and left the clinical field to found Detact Diagnostics.

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Matthew Burton 

is a PhD chemical biologist; after completing his study, he continued to expand on his skill set, became a fully trained (Certified) European Patent Attorney.

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Hedi Koning 

is a Master of Science in pharmacy. After a career with several business development functions in the Groningen life science sector. Hedi is responsible for operations & quality management.

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We are always interested in working and collaborating with medical centres & companies where we can apply our innovative platform VIPER® technology to solve a particular bacterial, viral or fungal problem you may be facing.  



To discuss your project, feel free to get in touch at:


During the global health Pandemic caused by COVID-19, our sister company ViroTact© was created, focusing on developing a quick, easy-to-use, point-of-care test to identify COVID-19 using VIPER® Technology. 



ViroTact© will continue focusing on the crucial work of developing viral detection diagnostics utilising VIPER® technology, ready for any future issues we may encounter.