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VIPER® Platform Technology

See how Detact Diagnostics® patented, innovative VIPER® platform technology changes the bacterial, viral and fungal detection world.

VIPER® technology

The strength of the company lies in its patented platform technology.


The proprietary VIPER® (Visualisation by Infrared PEptide Reaction) technology  enables the detection of pathogens or contaminating proteases by detecting the release of a Near-Infrared (NIR) fluorescent (light) signal from a peptide (molecule) when the target is present in a sample.


VIPER® is a modular technology that can be tuned to specific needs to directly detect bacteria, viruses, and fungi.



VIPER® v Competition

VIPER® empowers healthcare professionals and patients by combining a direct active bacteria detection solution with a fast, point-of-care detection solution. This contributes towards sustaining a healthy living.

Patent Portfolio Metrics

Detact Diagnostics' extensive Patent Portfolio includes 51 patent rights across 6 Patent families.

Our Patent families cover products, medical uses and methods of diagnostics covered.

Currently, we have protection until 2041.